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    About E.L.I.A.

    About E.L.I.A.-....

    he Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive, better known as E.L.I.A., is part of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (M.I.E.T.), since October 2009.
    Its basic aim is to collect, preserve, classify, research and publish 19th and 20th century archival and printed material, particularly that which relates to the modern history and culture of Greece. In addition, E.L.I.A. supports research and dissemination of results across a broad range of academic orientations.
    Founded in 1980, it has collected and preserved  an invaluable collection of material, which under other circumstances would have been lost forever.
    E.L.I.A. is located in a privately owned five-storey neo-classical building, constructed around 1930,  near the Cathedral of Athens (the Mitropoli) at 5 Aghiou Andreou Str., just off Aghias Philotheis Str. in Plaka. In this building are situated: the department of the Historical and Literary Archives, the Library, the reading room,  the collections of the Press and the administration offices.
    Since 2002, E.L.I.A. has expanded its premises to a post-World War II period building just across the street from the main building.
    This building, located at 4 Aghiou Andreou Str, belongs to the Rizareio Ecclesiastic School and has been leased by E.L.I.A. for the next 35 years. It hosts the Photographic Archives, the Egyptian Hellenism archives, the Collections of Maps and the Shop.

    Since 1997, E.L.I.A. has also a branch in Thessaloniki.